• Prismatic Maze - Third Week Update

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    Prismatic Maze - Third Week Update

    Hey Everybody!

    Today, we sent out our third weekly update for Prismatic Maze.

    We are working on a number of different improvements for scorekeeping. 

    In … more

  • Fail Forward Fast

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    Fail Forward Fast

    Ok, so... success on launch for the first game is laughable.We can safely say initial sales for Prismatic Maze have been... well, effectively nil.Literally 20 sales, probably at … more

  • Prismatic Maze - Second Week Update

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    Prismatic Maze - Second Week Update

    Hey Everybody!

    Prismatic Maze has been out for two weeks and I'm mostly been working on stability and usability updates in that time. 

    This week's update … more

  • Prismatic Maze - First Week Update

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    Prismatic Maze - First Week Update

    First content update!

    This update changes presentation of items in the Stage Select menu, splitting items you've acquired into Tools & Storage. Tools include … more

  • Prismatic Maze Available on Steam!

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    Today, I launched Prismatic Maze!

    It is available now on Steam for PC. 

    Get it. Play it. Love it.

    It is, quite literally, a measure of what I have accomplished in my first year of full time … more

  • Preparing for Launch on Friday!

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    Hey Everybody! So excited to be launching my first game this week! This is the beginning of seeing a dream become reality :)I am working hard to cram as much goodness into the Initial Release build … more

  • Where Ya Been?

    Where Ya Been?

    About a year ago, I quit my corporate job to start a video game company & try to start a career making games.

    I started with a hobby ecosystem simulation engine project that I had … more

  • Website Construction

    In January, we are aiming to have websites set up for the company Bad Monkey Love & for the game Prismatic Maze.

    Both sites are set up now, but styles & content are... in progress ;)

    Over Christmas … more