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Prismatic Maze - Third Week Update

Hey Everybody!

Today, we sent out our third weekly update for Prismatic Maze.

We are working on a number of different improvements for scorekeeping. 

In this update, we begin capturing completed mazes in game state, decorate those mazes in the load section of the Stage Select menu and expose a filter in that menu to show/hide completed maps.

This should make it easier to work with a save game that has a large number of maps and will feed into statistics and scorekeeping improvements to come.

This update also includes partial gamepad support, specifically directional movement during the maze exploration portion of the game. 

For full gamepad support, we still need to rework the menus and minimap controls. 

I will be working on that in the near future.

Some other changes are 'under the hood' - working towards the addition of more items, better item management, further scorekeeping improvements, as well as resilience & usability improvements.




Stage Select (20190419) => Stage Select (20190419)


* partial gamepad support (directional control in Playing)
* capture completed maps in game info & added decoration/filter to Load Maps in Stage Select
* changed item acquisition to remove transferred items from map player inventory when completing a map
* hide items acquired on victory screen when no items are transferred
* add black seed to map player inventory on completing a map (not transferred to Stage Select)
* refactor blueprint generation to use ingredients & save list of ingredients used in blueprint
* refactor Item Description to use helper class instead of storing this data in the save game file


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