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Prismatic Maze - First Week Update

First content update!

This update changes presentation of items in the Stage Select menu, splitting items you've acquired into Tools & Storage. Tools include Magnifying Glass & Microscope so far, both of which change the way you see maps being created when they're growing.. Storage includes items used as Ingredients for new maps - sizes, seeds, time, etc...

Creating New Maze (20190329) => Creating New Maze (20190405)
Stage Select (20190329) => Stage Select (20190405)

The update disables click-to-move pathfinder, which was on by default. This functionality will be unlocked by items in the near future. It was originally meant to mitigate frustration with backtracking, but I think we can make much better use of the mechanic. Having it always on makes short path traversal less enjoyable.

A few days ago, we put out some bug fixes early and included Auto-Save with those. This prevents losing progress when you close the game without saving after finishing a maze.

More to come next week :)

* update Stage Select & Creating New Maze menus to split game inventory into Storage & Tools
* show tools on Creating New Maze menu
* show blueprint of current map on Creating New Maze menu
* disable click-to-move (will be unlocked via items in near future)

For more info about the bug fixes, see patch notes from the update earlier this week.

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