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Prismatic Maze - Second Week Update

Hey Everybody!

Prismatic Maze has been out for two weeks and I'm mostly been working on stability and usability updates in that time. 

This week's update includes:

  • adding an option to 'Continue previous game' from the Main Menu
  • auto-sorting inventory menus
  • adding an on-screen indicator during save/load
  • improvements to pigment maze generation algorithms and early-game treasure drops
  • lots of minor UI tweaks
  • improvements in error handling during maze creation
  • foundational work preparing for a big item content push in the upcoming weeks

Stay tuned for exciting things,

Change Screenshots:

Creating New Maze (20190405) => Creating New Maze (20190412)
Main Menu (20140405) => Main Menu (20190412)
Stage Select (20190405) => Stage Select (20190412)
Save Indicator (20190412)


* Add ability to continue last loaded game to Main Menu
* Auto Sort Inventory menus
* Add on-screen indicator for Save
* Randomize initial Pigment Step Direction
* Adjust some button sizes
* Adjust text padding in Creating New Maze menu
* change new blueprint logic to always add size_16 in size_8 maps
* Kick excess seeds out of recipe when reducing map size in Stage Select New Maze Recipe menu
* Add double-click activation of Load maze item in Stage Select
* fix bug in Create New Maze menu where petri-dish visualization initially showed previous map when re-launched for second time
* fix bug where new games could be created with blank name
* debug fixes for sql insert failures during creation

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