Where Ya Been?

About a year ago, I quit my corporate job to start a video game company & try to start a career making games.

I started with a hobby ecosystem simulation engine project that I had workes on in some free time leading up to the big jump. 

The plan was to build on that simulation engine , making a succession of games, each one building on and expanding the core systems - designing it to enable building living, breathing game worlds as the contextual game board that each game is played upon.

My first game an attempt to make an interesting maze game. A maze is a great simple map - just a floor and four walls. Exploring what can be done with that.

The core of the maze game idea was based on the structure of metroidvania style worlds, where the player is locked in one area until they find a key to bypass some previously impassible barrier in a succession of expanding zones. I had the idea to grow worlds like this organically, exploring some core concepts in procedural world generation and expanding on the ecosystem engine along the way.

It is also a timeboxed, one-year project to solo a full game from scratch to release, see what I can really accomplish on a project of that scale. 

I’ve spent the last year working on that and I am excited to release it on Steam at the end of this month.

To find out more about the game, check it out here :)

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