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Hey Everybody! 

So excited to be launching my first game this week! This is the beginning of seeing a dream become reality :)

I am working hard to cram as much goodness into the Initial Release build as possible leading up to release. I'm very happy with how the game has turned out so far and hope you will be to.

This has been a one-year time-boxed project and I had to scope things down hard to fit into the schedule. These last few week has seen more changes and improvements than seems safe leading to a launch, but so much of the early stuff was back-end and foundational that these updates are really amazing and just make me more excited to keep going :D

I've got a ton of plans post-release, but staying on target for now ;) Rest assured, you can look forward to usability and bug fixes as well as content and mode updates on a regular basis.

You can find out more at the company site, stay informed with mailing lists & get involved in my Discord or volunteer as an early access playtester. 


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