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Prismatic Maze - Foliage Update!

Hey Everybody!

A new update for Prismatic Maze is available.

This update adds trees to empty spaces, converts Christmas effects into an Easter egg & completely revamps the rendering pipeline affecting colors, lighting, shadows.

Meanwhile, we're working towards an iOS release for the game. 

New Content

Some time ago, we added empty spaces to maps - something like dropping some sand into your petri dish.

Pigments decided to celebrate this with decorations for Christmas, and after the holidays some seeds were left over.
This caused trees to spring up in their places.

Prismatic Maze - v1.11.4

It seems that the Pigments affect what types of trees grow in these areas now.
Primary colors seem to be pretty normal deciduous & conifer trees but Orange and Purple are a little bit stranger and Black seems to kill its trees outright.

Prismatic Maze - Lorax Trees

Prismatic Maze - Koosh Trees

Prismatic Maze - Dead Trees

Updated Content

The trees came with a full rework of the rendering pipeline...
This change affects colors, lighting and shadow effects throughout. 
Most of these changes should be pretty small, but it touches almost everything.

We switched our updating scheme from date-based to Semantic Versioning & exposed the version number on the main menu.
The new versioning scheme conveys a bit more information than the date did since the it is easily comparable and contains info for major, minor and path versions.

We also fixed some bugs ;)

In Progresss

Working towards an iOS release up to this point mostly involves infrastructure work.
Going forward, it'll also involve redesigning the inputs, options, menus, cameras, transitions and meta-game-loop. 

We're also working on a Campaign Mode that should improve game progression.
Look forward to seeing more of that in the near future :D


1.11.4 - Foliage Update
* add Trees to Empty Tiles
* update project for Universal Rendering Pipeline
* add background image to bootstrap menu
* update door logic to prevent re-spawning Explorer when interacting with doors
* switch to semantic versioning

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