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Business Heartbeat - December 13, 2019

Business Heartbeat 20191213

We're back from Vacation!

This week, we got Prismatic Maze building and working on Mac!
Prior to leaving, we got a Mac Mini.
While we were in Bulgaria, we set that up and got Prismatic Maze building and running on it.

After returning, we worked through some platform-specific bugs and tested it.
We set up the Mac as a build agent and got it building through our cloud build pipeline.
We configured Steam for Mac, published a build with both PC and Mac bits from the an automated build and tested that on the Mac.

It looks like we will be able to release Prismatic Maze on Mac along with our Christmas update! 

In preparation for that, we made a new logo!
Here is will look like:

Prismatic Maze's New Logo

Rather than continue using the Trifoil (which is more like my personal seal), we tried redesigning it specific to Prismatic Maze.
As such, the logo is made up of two sets of spirals, each with three colored sections in Red, Blue & Yellow.
The top layer is flipped horizontally and both where two primary colors overlap they present as a secondary color.
Add a white background and black lines and we have the whole set of Pigment colors in Prismatic Maze.
Eventually, we'll have an animated version in-game that rotates each set in opposite directions so the colors shift like a kaleidoscope ;)

Next week, we'll start working on flashy features for our Christmas update. 
Stay tuned :)

This post, along with additional work item details is available on Patreon.

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