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Business Heartbeat - October 25, 2019

Business Heartbeat 20191025

The experiment continues!

Last week we noticed that the Ghosts and Explorers had started eating each other, so this week we tried trying to teach them to play nice...

It didn't take long for the Ghosts to learn to avoid the Explorer when it was Empowered and the Pigments learned not to spawn more Ghosts when they were vulnerable too.

Once the Ghosts learned to fear getting eaten they seem to have gotten more light-sensitive.

They are just as fast in the dark, but when the Explorer has a light (especially if it's bright), the Ghosts chase much more cautiously.

Explorers have learned to liberate White areas better and so those areas now get their light back once all of their tiles are exposed. 

Ghosts also started dropping a treasure item when they are consumed and everything started making noise.

Perhaps it was some new father impulse, but we also felt it was important to teach the Explorers to stop turning on lights when there was daylight.
That took a lot of repetition... leave a room, turn off the lights, is that too much to ask for? seriously...

Prismatic Maze - 20191028

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