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Business Heartbeat - September 20 2019

This week is the last dev week before pencil's down for the September update coming out next week.

It's been a mad rush to get as many pieces of the Halloween updates in as possible. 
Our original plan was to add Darkness & Lights & Ghosts & Player Death. 
We managed to get Darkness & Lights, leaving Ghosts & Player Death to slip to a mid-month update for Halloween.

Lights have been on the roadmap for most of the project, so this work has been super exciting.
There have been a ton of little decisions to make - how darkness gets added to things, where to place lights, how common should light-creating items be, etc.
It's also interesting in terms of learning Unity due to a lot of little details with lighting that need to be worked through.


  • Prismatic Maze
    • Added Effects to Pigment Creatures
    • Added Dark as an Effect that Pigment Creatures contract during their growth cycle when they haven't increased in size recently enough
    • Added Dark Decoration to tiles in areas where Pigment Creature has Darkness effect
    • Added light to player avatar
    • Added transition to/from dark area based on Dark decoration on tiles, turning down ambient light & turning on player light in dark areas
    • Added Items: Candle & Torch as consumable items that increase player light projection range
    • Added Item: Darkness as treasure acquired by capturing the seed of a Pigment Creature with Darkness effect
    • Added Lights to tiles in areas of Pigment Creature with Darkness effect 
    • Added Telemetry for Merchant transactions
  • Patreon
    • Got our First Patron! Thanks Tyler!

In Progress

  • Prismatic Maze
    • Customize Lights in maze area

Next Milestone

  • September Update ~20190925

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