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As part of my work tracking, I've started rolling up weekly progress updates into a single post for sharing. 

I'm thinking of doing this on a weekly basis and post them on Patreon as exclusives for the Designer or Entrepreneur tier.

The basic idea of this comes from stuff I learned in corporate software teams, where there were complex projects shared across multiple teams with multiple people delivering pieces of it with interconnected dependencies. In that context, I found it was really helpful to have a regular progress update post (usually over email) to keep everyone on track, maintain motivation by showing progress being made when it was often difficult to tell and clarify dependencies, agreements and deliverables. 

Working solo, it's easy to get carried away, get off track, lose pace or even just lose track of what you accomplished. I use a ton of different methods for planning, task and project progress tracking and personal accountability but don't really have a lot in place for summaries.

So, I'm hoping it'll help to make a regular progress heartbeat once a week and maybe someone would find it interesting to pay attention to ;)

Prismatic Maze


  • Add Telemetry via Unity Analytics
  • Deployed Prismatic Maze 20190904 - Telemetry Update

In Progress

  • Add Merchant Tab to Stage Select
  • Set Up Patreon Account
  • Set Up Facebook Business Account

Next Milestone

  • September Update ~20190925

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