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Business Heartbeat - November 8, 2019

Business Heartbeat 20191108

This week has been a little more randomized than usual.

The next milestone for Prismatic Maze is putting it out on Mobile for iOS. Ostensibly, that requires building on a Mac.

A friend kindly donated a Mac Mini back in the early days of hobby development, but it is just a little bit too old to be used now. Initially, we had to spend some time getting it connected up, so we also tried hosting a VM of a Mac on Windows. That didn't work either, and it is likely not a legal option anyway so that's out.

We are looking at getting a new Mac Mini, but before taking that jump we're looking into setting up builds on Microsoft's Azure DevOps pipeline. The codebase we've been working with has not been configured for cloud builds, so we're also working on cleaning it up for that.

If we can get cloud builds to work, it'll check off a nice work item that's been on the list for a long time and set us up for future growth and cleaner code.

Next week, we'll continue working on getting the Windows build working in the cloud and evaluating the Mac build option.

This post, along with additional work item details is available on Patreon.

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