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How to Get Access to Beta Builds

To configure Steam to use beta branches in general:

Configure Steam to use Beta Branches

  1. launch Steam
  2. go to Steam -> Settings
  3. on Account tab under Beta Participation, click 'Change'
  4. under 'Beta Participation', select 'Steam Beta Update'
  5. Click 'Ok' to close settings pages

To opt-in to beta branch for Prismatic Maze:

Opt-in to beta branch for Prismatic Maze

  1. right-click on game in steam library, select properties
  2. select 'Betas' tab (requires opt-in to beta branches in steam profile)
  3. type password & click 'Check Code' to gain access
  4. select beta branch
  5. click 'Close'

Join our #breakers channel on Discord for announcements & information about beta builds:

  1. https://discord.gg/qMCqKaM (requires 'tester' role)

NOTE - Steam checks for updates when it first launches & again every 24 hours. In order to get an update that is less than 24 hours old, you may need to close Steam & re-launch it to force it to check for updates.